Tales From Shakespeare & Postscripts


Using film to focus on the smaller moments & more human details of Shakespeare's most famous stories.

And also a bunch of jokes.

Now in Post-Production 9/10/2017!!

As the writer/director of the piece, a lot of this comes from my own time onstage in Shakespeare productions. The vast majority of the tales (& the postscripts) grew out of my own experiences on stage, trying to share a modicum of what it feels like to share the stage with an actor/actress that is really inhabiting their role. Sharing the stage with someone like that creates such a vital connection that I felt I wanted to bring the audience into that intimate proximity and allow them to be a part of it- in much closer (cinematic) confines rather than witnessing a story in its classical theatrical setting. The list of stories we draw from almost exactly mirrors my own Shakespearean stage resume (Much Ado, Midsummer, Hamlet, Mac, R&J, Winter's Tale). Being in a play, always gave me ample opportunity to reflect on moments that struck me as noteworthy- whether sublime or peculiar. Regarding the latter of those, while all of our vignettes are told with love of their source material- some of them lovingly point out and explore short-comings- the sexism of Shakespeare's time being a large one.

                                                                                                                              -Nathaniel Scott

Among the shorts:

Romeo & Juliet: Seasons (4 vignettes that seek to take the poetry of Romeo & Juliet and share the love and language with couples of all ages).

Ophelia, Lady of Denmark & Hamlet, King of Denmark (vignettes that follow characters we know- to their graves- and from their graves). 

The Macbeths: Sound The Macbeths: Fury (a tale that looks at wrongly gaining the good and a tale that looks at losing love and life in dreams and darkness).

A Midsummer's Tale & A Dream Ever After...

Much Ado About the Something & A Little Ado About After... 

Two Ladies of Venice...

And more surprises along the way.


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