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Ragnarok Theater Productions Hiatus

Big changes are afoot!

First off, thank you to all the talented theater artists who have made this past season everything that it was!

It has been over a year since Marie Thompson took over as Artistic Director of Ragnarok Theater Productions and it was by far the most successful, bold and dramatic year we have had to date.

It is with deepest regret that Ragnarok bids her farewell as she moves to warmer climes.

Marie, you are wonderful and we will miss you in the extreme!

As she steps away from the role of Artistic Director, we have decided to put Ragnarok Theater Productions into a temporary hiatus. We will not be staging any productions for at least this upcoming season.

Ragnarok Film Productions is deep in post production for Tales from Shakespeare & Postscripts (with new editors on board and composers hard at work) and in early pre production for other major projects. We look forward to sharing those stories with you all.

At Ragnarok we have the deepest respect for the power of live performance and when the time is right, we eagerly await another opening of another show. The story of Ragnarok is the story of the world ending with the hope of flourishing thereafter.

And...oh look, here we are :)

A hiatus- with high hopes.

Thank you


2017-2018 SEASON


The Mineola Twins

by Paula Vogel

Ragnarok gets political (kind of) with a comedy in 6 scenes, 4 dreams, and (at least) 6 bad wigs.  How ridiculous it is for us to start so close and drift so far.

Now watch carefully. 
We’ll hold up the mirror.
See if you see your face
if you see your sister’s face
if you see your lover’s face
if you see your child's face
in the face looking back at you from the mirror.



Horrible 1.jpg

Horrible, PHunDraiser: A Shadow Cast Sing Along

 Ragnarok's first fundraiser for its 2018 trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

ONE NIGHT ONLY! 1/27/2018- 

Free admission!

One screen. Several actors. And singing.   Fun and frivolity, surprises and prizes.





Polaroid Stories

An Adaptation of Ovid's Metamophoses.

Book by Naomi Iizuka.

A visceral blend of classical mythology and real life stories told by street kids.


The Odyssey of Homer.

See Rock City & Other Destinations.

The Odyssey is an original adaptation of Homer’s epic Greek poem about Odysseus’s journey home after the Fall of Troy. Performed in iambic pentameter, the adaptation was written by Ragnarok Productions’ own Nathaniel Scott.

Odyssey Photo Album:

See Rock City & Other Destinations is a contemporary musical by Drama Desk Award winners Adam Mathias and Brad Alexander. This vignette-style musical is about connections both missed and made at tourist destinations across America.

SRC Photo Album:

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the biggest celebration of arts and culture on the planet. It brings together over 450,000 audience members with artists from around the globe in over 3,000 shows at 300 different venues. In 2018- we were at one of those venues.

Tales From Shakespeare & Postscripts: A Feature Length Film

Using the medium of film to take a closer look into the corners of the Globe.  Now in post-production. Check the tab! Up at the top. Yes, that one.




make believe-004 Poster.jpg

Make Believe

Experience the cycle of loving and dying, believing and pretending, dreaming and waking.

An official selection of 2018 Cutting Edge International Film Festival.

Talking To Myself  A series of message seek to shape the future of a brilliant scientist- at a cost.

Talking To Myself

A series of messages seek to shape the future of a brilliant scientist- at a cost. 


Talk To Myself is the first story set in a larger, unified world. 



Romeo and Juliet: Seasons

Four couples in progressive stages of life share in the love, loss, and poetry of Shakespeare's famous star-crossed lovers- pushed and pulled by class, ethnicity, fear of commitment and fear of parting.

thirty-six & four

A fly on the wall experience as two strangers answer increasingly personal, unrehearsed questions; as they are challenged to be honest with themselves and vulnerable to each other. A 4 episode documentary series, now in post-pro

The Kind of Thing We Used to Do                       (2015-2017 Theater Seasons)

Staged Reading Promo Image.jpg

Ragnarok Productions for Young Audiences: Workshop Presentation of New Adaptations of The Odyssey and Alice in Wonderland

Adapted by Nathaniel Glein Scott.

Presented as a new play workshop, these two pieces,  each intended for school audiences, were performed on Aug 6, 2017 at North Street Community Chapel. 

The Odyssey is as classic a tale as can be, with its well-known journey narrative. Embedded within it is also a vital, important, and sadly current message of violence and the trauma it leaves in its wake that plays out for both Odysseus and his son, Telemachos. Target audience: Middle or High School.

Alice in Wonderland highlights themes of maintaining identity in the face of adversity. By virtue of its protagonist's gender, this message is most particularly geared toward young women still establishing their burgeoning personhood. Target audience: Elementary

C.S. Lewis "Till We Have Faces", A Myth Retold. 

             Adapted by Deanna Jent.


May 20 & 21; 27 & 28 @ 8 PM; Matinee May 21 @ 3:30

235 North St Community Chapel

Hingham ,MA


Donations encouraged.


Of the myth of Cupid and Psyche ,

of being and becoming.

of gods

and of us.

Verily: A Galactic Holiday Celebration: The Special Event Edition


Join us December 12 at 2 PM or 13th at 7 PM, 2015 for Verily: A Galactic Holiday Celebration: The Special Event Edition.

At VAGHCTSEE we will celebrate our love of things Shakespeare and things to do with... Galactic Battles...

We will share stories of a long, long time ago in the iambic pentameter of a long time ago. 

It'll be a thing.

You should be there.

Hosted by M.A.M.L.E.O.
61 Columbia Road
Dorchester, MA 02121
United States

Free Admission. (Though donations are encouraged).




The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)- Revised


On July 31st & Aug 1st, 2015, we attempted a feat we believed to be unprecedented in the history of civilization- to capture in a single theatrical experience the genius, the witchcraft & wizardry, the towering grandeur of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. 

We may have been trained professionals. You should NOT try this at home.

Go over to a friend's house instead.